Marios Lawn and Garden



Our Services Include

  1. Landscape Design,
  2. Flagstone & Rock,
  3. Drainage,
  4. Fencing,
  5. Mowing,
  6. Christmas Lights,
  7. Patios,
  8. Mulch,
  9. Side Walks,
  10. Pressure Washer,
  11. Painting,
  12. Gutters,
  13. Sprinklers Systems,
  14. Outdoor Lighting,
  15. Remodeling,
  16. Tree Service,
  17. Concrete.


As landscape and sprinkler specialists, we can provide you with a customized irrigation plan and installation.

Watering systems differ in their features and cost, and they’re only as good as their installation. At Cut Above, we develop plans that account for how you wish to use your land, the constraints of your budget, and the size and characteristics of your green space.

Benefits of a sprinkler system include:

  • Your grass and plants will be greener and healthier.
  • You’ll use less water to achieve the same results as watering by hand.
  • You won’t need to schedule any time for watering your yard.
  • You can ensure your lawn is watered during the early morning or late evening hours when watering is most effective.
  • You can prevent dead lawns, flowers, and trees during tough Texas droughts.
  • Businesses eliminate labor costs for watering and use less water, making automated sprinklers a cost effective investment.

We’re licensed by the State of Texas for Landscape Irrigation, and are providers of systems by Hunter and Rain Bird.

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